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Andreas Prime The Legend HomeAuthors Charles & Irene Nickerson bring readers a story of bravery, rediscovery and finding love, in the world of bears. Andreas Prime The Legend Home follows the life of Beary Maxumus, a Lieutenant and instructor for the Bearilian Astro Fleet, the people around him and his crucial part in a very important research.

 Beary, prince of his state has been assigned to be an instructor of the Bearilian Astro Fleet Academy after he came back from his tour aboard Saber Claw. While Beary enjoys teaching classes assigned to him, he also devotes time finishing his training in Fighters. One evening, his old mentor, Dr. Vallen, shows up in Beary’s doorstep with orders directing him to help design a new Research Starship. Bound by his sworn duty to the country and his loyalty to his old mentor, Beary accepted the new order, not knowing that this act would lead to fighting old enemies and unlocking secrets.